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Welcome beautiful!

I'm so happy you're here! This application is for Elite Mastermind, 5 months in an elite room with elite humans having elite conversations, making elite moves, getting elite results.

Where illogical growth is normalised, evolving is a non-negotiable, rapid momentum & collective expansion will take place. You’ll have access to direct coaching & mentorship from me where all your "how to" questions will be answered & you'll be able to plug into my mind to gain my perspective & wisdom.

Your thought patterns & ego will be challenged & you’ll be presented with opportunities to strengthen parts of your human. I’ll reflect blindspots in your personality, support & hold you while you dissolve things keeping you “stuck”. You'll be called forward & supported in becoming the most powerful version of yourself.

We'll do life & business together for 5 whole months - nothing is off limits, you can expect potent, thought provoking conversations, elite standards & the opportunity to mastermind with other elite women.


October - February: we're ending 2023 moving faster than ever & starting 2024 like we're on the fu*king moon.

5 Months of Coaching & Mentorship: working on your human, strengthening your emotional intelligence, creating the most incredible life & building a wildly successful business. I'll reflect blindspots in your personality & help you dissolve things keeping you “stuck”.

2 Hot Seat Coaching Calls per Month: you'll receive potent coaching & mentoring around things you want to achieve & anything you want to transcend.

5 Months Voxer Support: direct access to me for 5 months to time collapse & become the momentum you desire.

2 private 1:1 calls: we'll deep dive into your life, human & business in the most intimate space.


$6666 PIF or $1166 monthly x 6
*Please only apply if you can commit to this investment.

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