Keilah honestly is without a doubt absolutely amazing and definitely knows how to make you feel welcome and like you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Going into the course pregnant and full of anxiety I walked through the doors at Fame + Feisty and Keilah greeted me with open arms and a smile on her face. Yes I was still anxious but man did it help. The on going to support after the course is absolutely amazing. I’ve had time off since having my son and moved towns, Keilah is so helpful and is always there when I need her even if it’s for the smallest of things, she is always your biggest support/fan. I cannot recommend F+F enough, I will definitely be training through them again xx

Carly Cooper

Where to start.. I discovered Keilah through instagram and loved her vibe and content right away so needless to say when I saw she was coming to Melbourne I signed up for the training in a heartbeat! Even though I was already doing brows with mapping it did not compare to the extent of Keilah’s technique! The knowledge and energy was amazing! Can’t wait to see you again lovely Xx

Melody Valene

I recently completed the Brow Artistry and Business Accelerator Course with Keilah at Fame + Feisty. As someone who is just a beginner in this industry I have learnt so much in such a small amount of time and would highly recommended this course to any brow artist or anyone in the beauty Industry who is looking to invest in high quality education and training. I love how Keilah wants to help other women like myself succeed in business, without her support and knowledge I wouldn’t have had the courage to step out of my comfort zone and do this!
Alesha Nauer

I took the Volume Artistry course in April 21′ with Keilah from Fame + Feisty. Knowing how many courses are out there that aren’t properly structured and some not even having educators that are correctly qualified and experienced in the craft themselves, I did a lot of research prior. I looked at many online and their socials, but I also asked some amazing artists in my area (and even Brisbane in general), who they did their training through and who they would recommended. To say Keilah was highly recommended would be an understatement! As soon as I met K, I knew it was fate and that I had made a great investment for not only my business, but myself too! The hands on course was perfect, Keilah took the time to ensure my questions were answered and that I totally understood everything she was teaching. Nothing felt like it was too much to ask, and she would explain something 3 different ways if she had too! Then I went home and spent the next six months practicing, sending K photos of my work, gaining feedback and continuing to take that feedback on board. After 6 months, I finally felt I was confident enough to submit my submissions to Keilah. Not that I was worried about what she would respond, but I wanted to show her my absolute best work, and prove to her that l’d taken all her teaching onboard! K continuously made me feel like I could take on the world in every aspect, and that is very hard to find in an educator! Unfortunately l’ve experienced taking courses, then the educator doesn’t exist or want to help you grown and learn anymore as the course is over. This is the total opposite of Keilah. I feel I have a mentor I can reach out to at any time, and also a friend! K is truly a powerful woman, an inspiration and all of her courses show that she puts 100% into her education, students and our ongoing succession. Thank you Keilah!

Charlotte Baker

Where do I start with this review? The minute I walked through the doors of Fame + Feisty I knew I had made the best decision of my lash career, I was hesitant to do this course as I had only done classic training in the past and had less then 6 months experience. The second I stepped into the room the vibe was uplifting it was a small group myself and 2 other lash techs so learning was super hands on, as the day went on I was in awe of Keilah not only is she a wealth of knowledge but she is all about empowering women to be their best selves & I could really tell she wanted every single one of us to succeed it wasn’t just a lash course “here’s some information and off we go”, It was about knowledge, friendships and careers being built. The content of the course was incredible, I didn’t think I would learn as much as I did, the on going support even a year later is still the same as it was on my first day during the course. I absolutely recommend Fame + Feisty to anyone wanting to succeed in the Lash and Brow industry it will be the best career move you make! Thank you so much for being so incredible, Keilah x

Jade Joanna

I was trained by another well-known brow trainer before but I was not confident with my knowledge and skill at all. I decided to take Hybrid Brow Course at Fame + Feisty. It was mind blowing! Keilah’s face mapping technique makes everything so easy. I love everything about the course. I learnt so much from it and fully geared up to get myself back into brow artistry. Keilah gives me so much confidence that I can create beautiful sets of brows. The ongoing support is amazing. Keilah is always there to answer all questions. Keilah, you are amazing as always. Top mentor here. I’m so glad I made this decision.

Jo Tran

When I initially enrolled in The Art of Volume + Business Accelerator course l expected it to just be a refresher to what I had already learnt, however to my surprise it turned out to be so much more than that. I acquired a heap of current industry knowledge, as well as a completely revived mindset on how to realistically grow & sustain my lash business. In addition, the ongoing support from Keilah and the wonderful people you meet within this course is truly invaluable. I highly recommend this course to all lash artists/stylist/techs at any level looking to invest in quality training to take their business to the next level, upskill and keep up to date with the latest information that this ever growing industry has to offer. Thank you so much Keilah for creating such an amazing in-depth course and for your constant love & support! Thank you so much, Jamie. I really appreciate you taking the time to share this.

Jamie Ng

I completed the Brow Mastery Course with Keilah and all can say is WOW. The passion this women has ROARS. The passion to genuinely HELP create amazing Lash and Brow Artists. The passion to follow you through the whole way until you succeed. The passion to support you and your business, genuinely. She wants to see you flourish! Her course is very detailed, very interactive and very personal I can not recommend enough! A definite leader in the Industry.

Jana Gadish

Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for the Hybrid Brow Design & Advanced Mapping Course. My day consisted of knowledge, laughing, leadership, practicing, questioning, more giggling and mastering. But, what impressed me the most was how genuine Keilah was. She is incredibly outgoing, very friendly (you could never feel uncomfortable) and extraordinarily talented in every aspect of her being. A month down the track and Keilah checks in every single week – consistently offering advice, encouragement, business knowledge and most importantly – support & friendship! I have told every single person I know about Fame + Feisty and have booked in to complete the rest of Keilah’s trainings. She is by far THE BEST and is an Industry Leader.

Bree Polzin

100% recommend taking Keilah’s volume course whether you’re a beginner or already do handmade fans. I had been hand-making fans for 2 years prior to taking this course and still got so much value out of it! Keilah goes into so much detail and explains everything in such a simple way. I loved the tips and tricks that I learnt and have definitely implemented them into everyday lashing. Not only is the course great, the community and on going support from Keilah and her community is incredible. So many good vibes! Thanks K xoxo

Grace Gilliland

As newbie to the industry, I wanted to find the best education possibly to arm myself with top level skills and techniques for my clients. Keilah from Fame + Feisty, is the most meticulous, inspiring and supportive educator I have ever met. The 2 day volume course, was comprehensive and detailed. I left feeling 100% more confident than when I started. Thank you Keilah for sharing your knowledge, your positivity and your boss lady work ethic! 100% recommended for lash artists of all levels!

Steph Dobs

I just completed my 2 day Art of Volume course with Keilah from Fame & Feisty. I cannot express how informative & detailed it is as well as the workbook you are given. The volume workbook will be permanently living in my lash trolley. Not only do you learn so much theory wise but also the practical with your live model. Keilah has shown me some great tips and new techniques to really enable me to become a great lash artist while putting my clients natural lash health at the forefront. I was so nervous to complete a handmade volume set on my model but she really makes you feel confident and helped me to believe in myself. Anyone wanting to upskill and invest in yourself & your business..look no further! Keilah from Fame + Feisty has got you! I will forever be grateful for Keilah passing on her knowledge & her beautiful positive energy. Thank you!

Merci Keil

I recently completed Brow Artistry, Business and Volume 1:1 training for up-skilling, by far the best educator in the Brow and Lash industry. I wish I found Keilah earlier. Goes above for all her students, gives all her knowledge to help you succeed in business. I highly recommend! Blessed to be apart of Fame + Feisty.

Kylie Hodges

I recently completed my lash and brow training with Keilah at Fame + Feisty and I cannot speak highly enough of my amazing experience. Not only was every day filled with so much knowledge, empowerment, motivation and practicals but the LOVE and support was out of this world. Although the training at her beautiful salon has come to and end, the ongoing support, love and encouragement continues week to week and no question is ever left unanswered. If you are looking for something new to try or wanting to upskill, you must do yourself a favour and invest in yourself with the love and support of Keilah… you will not regret it! What an incredible uplifting woman!

Kylie Crosson

I recently completed the Volume course with Fame + Feisty and honestly it’s been the best course I’ve ever done! K was so informative, motivating and full of energy! Not only did I learn a new skill in lashing but I also learnt a lot more information which will help my business grow! K also has a page where she is constantly supporting all her students so you don’t feel alone!

Jennifer Singh

I recently completed the Online Brow Mapping Masterclass and I highly recommend! Super Informative, easy to follow & just generally great content to watch.

Jazmine Augustine

I recently did the Online mapping masterclass and I can’t recommend enough! Such thorough information and explained in great detail. Easy to follow along and so many tip and tricks shared. Loved it!

Grace Gilliland

I struggled so much with symmetry before I did the Fame + Feisty online advanced brow mapping masterclass. It takes out all the guess work! I know exactly how to troubleshoot difficult brows. It’s been one of my greatest investments!!

Madeline Murphy

The brow mapping has helped me incredibly. While I understand how a brow should look and the basics of how to shape brows, bringing in brow mapping has taken the stress out of making sure they’re even and given me confidence to create more symmetry. Using the mapping technique each of my clients now has a brow experience that is unique to them.

Fran Cowley

I was so incredibly lucky to have undertaken the Brow Masterclass by Fame & Feisty not only was this incredibly thorough but the support and knowledge was out of this world! I highly recommend every brow artist or anyone in the beauty profession to take this class as it brought so many tips and tricks on how to better your services and treatments. Highly recommend! Thank you Fame & Feisty!

Emily Valla

I have followed Fame + Feisty from the beginning, I only wish I had trained there sooner. Their lash and brow courses are so full of up to date information and are so much more than just the 3 or 7 days that you are there. You are immediately welcomed into a community that is full of love and ongoing support. Keilah is a talented, passionate, genuine woman who is so invested in her students and helping them succeed in their business. She helps push you out of your comfort zone and is constantly encouraging you and cheering for you. I completed the Classic Lash + Brow Artistry course last year and The Art of Volume + Business Accelerator course this year and my business and my skills have excelled. I cannot recommend highly enough. I am so, so grateful to be apart of the Fame + Feisty community!

Bonita Walters

When I signed up to do the 7 day classic lash and brow artistry course I had no idea just how much this course would change me and my business. I thought like so many other courses I’ve done it will be 7 days of learning and that’s it. Fame + Feisty couldn’t be further form this. The 7 days in the class were just the beginning. From here I’ve had an overwhelming amount of continued support with not only technical questions but support in growing my business. Keilah truly wants you to succeed and her continuing support enables you to push through your comfort zone to really grow beyond your dreams. After 18 years in the beauty industry this course has renewed my spark and given me new direction didn’t know was possible. I can not recommend Fame + Feisty enough! If you are considering lash and brow training this is definitely THE course to do.

Stefanie Millar

Keilah is seriously the best trainer I have ever come across. The first time I spoke with her, she was so lovely and I instantly felt connected. Her guidance and support after the volume lash course is incredible and I think that is what is missing in the industry – continued support after training. I completed the volume lash course as well as the business accelerator course and I cannot fault any of it. I also order my lash products from Fame & Feisty and every product I have received is high quality and the details that go into your packaging makes me so excited to receive them in the post. My favourite product so far are you 0.07 CC lashes. They are so easy to fan on the sticky dot and they’re super dark!

Jennifer Crandon

Keilah is an amazing mentor who really cares about her students. Her courses are so informative and detailed, it covered all my questions and concerns. Before taking the 3 day Advanced Volume + Busines Accelerator Course, I was lacking the skills and knowledge to run my business properly but since then, my business has excelled and made HUGE improvements! So thankful to be part of the F +F community!
Zoe Yip

I cannot recommend Fame + Feisty Academy enough! For a long time l’ve dreamt of becoming a lash artist and starting my own business from home but the time just wasn’t right, until it was and I stumbled upon these beautiful girls and their incredible training programs! have never felt more welcomed, more supported, more special, more included and more excited when doing any kind of course or study. You don’t just get welcomed for the period of your course but you get welcomed into a family!! And so if you were thinking whether you should sign up and either begin or refresh your current training, I’d say you’ve absolutely come to the right place and you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else! It is worth every single penny and more!!

Emily Borland

I recently attended the Brow Artistry + Classic Lash Course and would recommend this course to anyone wanting to start out in this industry or someone looking to better their skills. The environment Keilah has created within this academy is one you won’t find anywhere else! If you want to learn in a space you feel welcomed, encouraged and pushed to reach your true potential then you need to train with Fame + Feisty!

Tempany Russell

I recently visited Fame + Feisty as a model and had a Classic Full Set of Lash Extensions applied by one of the students there. I was so impressed with her work!! For someone who was in training, she was professional, the application process was seamless and incredibly relaxing (I fell asleep multiple times) and she appeared confident and passionate about her artistry, which was a direct reflection of her wonderful mentor, Keilah. Keilah’s encouraging and supportive teaching style creates an atmosphere that feels relaxed and friendly; a perfect learning environment in my opinion. She is incredibly driven to improve the standards of the industry and exudes this passion when teaching her students. I would highly recommend Fame + Feisty to anyone wishing to start a career in Lash and Brow artistry and would happily return as a model to help these students build their portfolio’s. Thank you Fame + Feisty for my gorgeous lashes and I hope to see you again soon.

Sharnee Woodward

I attended Fame + Feisty’s Classic Lash & Brow Artistry course in 2020. This was a huge leap for me stepping into a completely new industry but when I met Keilah, I knew I was in the right place. Keilah’s academy is more than lash and brow education she shows true passion, integrity and professionalism for the skills and knowledge she carries. So if your looking to start a business or upskill check out this space. Keilah’s support is phenomenal, she truely stands for women creating their own success and stepping out of our comfort zone!

Josephine Winchester