Welcome to Fame + Feisty – Australia’s most prestigious lash + brow academy and luxury supply brand.

Built from passion and a tireless dedication to the lash + brow industry – Fame + Feisty was created to challenge the status quo. To fill the gap in this business, between where we have been and where we need to be.

My name is Keilah, Founder and Owner of Fame + Feisty, and my mission is to produce a new generation of change makers.

Throughout my career I have led extraordinarily successful teams across a variety of sectors, and coached high performing staff to excel within challenging roles. I take immense pride in having had the opportunity to help multiple businesses across Australia to get off the ground and to grow. I am incredibly blessed and grateful to have also received awards and recognition for my own hard work, business acumen and leadership skills – most recently being badged Australia’s ‘Mumpreneur of the Year’.

Taking only the most up to date knowledge, trends, and processes – I created the most comprehensive, focused, and individualized education system now available. Through our courses, our products and our unwavering, unlimited support – we elevate each of our students to be the best that this industry has to offer.

A fiercely supportive space filled with love, integrity, and trust – Fame + Feisty is a place of empowerment. Of artists, supporting artists. Women, supporting women. Professionals, thriving in their own right, and bringing the whole industry up with them.

Fame + Feisty isn’t just an education. It’s a mindset. It’s a movement. It’s accepting your own limitless potential and challenging yourself to step into it.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

K xx