Mixed Length Lash Trays


Supple, fluttery and profoundly luxurious, these raven beauties will rule the room.

Handcrafted from premium quality Korean PBT, our head-turning lashes dazzle in a semi-gloss, deep midnight hue. They are flexible, soft, and uncompromising – for luscious, silky curls that won’t drop.

Each set of our Empire Collection lashes is nestled into 16 rows of fine silver foil backing, allowing each lash to glide and lift effortlessly from the strip without resistance or residue.

Developed with your convenience in mind, attention to detail rests at the heart of The Empire Collection. From our ‘at a glance’ labelling to our advanced interlocking design, every feature has been lovingly crafted to optimize your workflow and help you achieve flawless, consistent results.

Mixed Length Trays (16 Rows) That Include :

1 x 6mm | 1 x 7mm | 2 x 8mm | 3 x 9mm | 3 x 10mm | 3 x 11mm | 3 x 12mm

Mini Mixed Length Trays (6 Rows) Include :

1 x 8mm | 1 x 9mm | 1 x 10mm | 1 x 11mm | 1 x 12mm | 1 x 13