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Course Reviews

I recently completed my lash and brow training with Keilah at Fame + Feisty and I cannot speak highly enough of my amazing experience. Not only was every day filled with so much knowledge, empowerment, motivation and practicals but the LOVE and support was out of this world. Although the training at her beautiful salon has come to and end, the ongoing support, love and encouragement continues week to week and no question is ever left unanswered. If you are looking for something new to try or wanting to upskill, you must do yourself a favour and invest in yourself with the love and support of Keilah… you will not regret it! What an incredible uplifting woman!

Kylie Crosson

When I signed up to do the 7 day classic lash and brow artistry course I had no idea just how much this course would change me and my business. I thought like so many other courses I’ve done it will be 7 days of learning and that’s it. Fame + Feisty couldn’t be further form this. The 7 days in the class were just the beginning. From here I’ve had an overwhelming amount of continued support with not only technical questions but support in growing my business. Keilah truly wants you to succeed and her continuing support enables you to push through your comfort zone to really grow beyond your dreams. After 18 years in the beauty industry this course has renewed my spark and given me new direction didn’t know was possible. I can not recommend Fame + Feisty enough! If you are considering lash and brow training this is definitely THE course to do.

Stefanie Millar

Keilah is seriously the best trainer I have ever come across. The first time I spoke with her, she was so lovely and I instantly felt connected. Her guidance and support after the volume lash course is incredible and I think that is what is missing in the industry – continued support after training. I completed the volume lash course as well as the business accelerator course and I cannot fault any of it. I also order my lash products from Fame & Feisty and every product I have received is high quality and the details that go into your packaging makes me so excited to receive them in the post. My favourite product so far are you 0.07 CC lashes. They are so easy to fan on the sticky dot and they’re super dark!

Jennifer Crandon

I have followed Fame + Feisty from the beginning, I only wish I had trained there sooner. Their lash and brow courses are so full of up to date information and are so much more than just the 3 or 7 days that you are there. You are immediately welcomed into a community that is full of love and ongoing support. Keilah is a talented, passionate, genuine woman who is so invested in her students and helping them succeed in their business. She helps push you out of your comfort zone and is constantly encouraging you and cheering for you. I completed the Classic Lash + Brow Artistry course last year and The Art of Volume + Business Accelerator course this year and my business and my skills have excelled. I cannot recommend highly enough. I am so, so grateful to be apart of the Fame + Feisty community!

Bonita Walters

I recently visited Fame + Feisty as a model and had a Classic Full Set of Lash Extensions applied by one of the students there. I was so impressed with her work!! For someone who was in training, she was professional, the application process was seamless and incredibly relaxing (I fell asleep multiple times) and she appeared confident and passionate about her artistry, which was a direct reflection of her wonderful mentor, Keilah. Keilah’s encouraging and supportive teaching style creates an atmosphere that feels relaxed and friendly; a perfect learning environment in my opinion. She is incredibly driven to improve the standards of the industry and exudes this passion when teaching her students. I would highly recommend Fame + Feisty to anyone wishing to start a career in Lash and Brow artistry and would happily return as a model to help these students build their portfolio’s. Thank you Fame + Feisty for my gorgeous lashes and I hope to see you again soon.

Sharnee Woodward

I attended Fame + Feisty’s Classic Lash & Brow Artistry course in 2020. This was a huge leap for me stepping into a completely new industry but when I met Keilah, I knew I was in the right place. Keilah’s academy is more than lash and brow education she shows true passion, integrity and professionalism for the skills and knowledge she carries. So if your looking to start a business or upskill check out this space. Keilah’s support is phenomenal, she truely stands for women creating their own success and stepping out of our comfort zone!

Josephine Winchester

Keilah is an amazing mentor who really cares about her students. Her courses are so informative and detailed, it covered all my questions and concerns. Before taking the 3 day Advanced Volume + Busines Accelerator Course, I was lacking the skills and knowledge to run my business properly but since then, my business has excelled and made HUGE improvements! So thankful to be part of the F +F community!
Zoe Yip

I cannot recommend Fame + Feisty Academy enough! For a long time l’ve dreamt of becoming a lash artist and starting my own business from home but the time just wasn’t right, until it was and I stumbled upon these beautiful girls and their incredible training programs! have never felt more welcomed, more supported, more special, more included and more excited when doing any kind of course or study. You don’t just get welcomed for the period of your course but you get welcomed into a family!! And so if you were thinking whether you should sign up and either begin or refresh your current training, I’d say you’ve absolutely come to the right place and you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else! It is worth every single penny and more!!

Emily Borland

I recently attended the Brow Artistry + Classic Lash Course and would recommend this course to anyone wanting to start out in this industry or someone looking to better their skills. The environment Keilah has created within this academy is one you won’t find anywhere else! If you want to learn in a space you feel welcomed, encouraged and pushed to reach your true potential then you need to train with Fame + Feisty!

Tempany Russell