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The Art of Volume (1 June-3 June ONE SEAT LEFT)Business Accelerator (3 June)The Art of Volume (29 June-1 July ONE SEAT LEFT)Business Accelerator (1 July)Brow Artistry (20-22 July SOLD OUT)Henna Brow Design + Advanced Mapping (21 July SOLD OUT)Business Accelerator (22 July)The Art of Volume (2020 MELBOURNE ONE SEAT LEFT)Classic Lash + Brow Artistry (10 August-16 August)Brow Artistry (7 September-9 September SOLD OUT)Business Accelerator (9 September)Brow Artistry (9 October-10 October SYDNEY)Henna Brow Design + Advanced Mapping (10 October Sydney)Brow Artistry (9-11 November)Henna Brow Design + Advanced Mapping (10 November)The Art of Volume (30 November-1 December)Business Accelerator (1 December)

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