Welcome to Fame + Feisty

Fame + Feisty is Australia’s most prestigious lash + brow academy and luxury supply brand. Taking only the most up to date knowledge, trends, and processes – we’ve created the most comprehensive, focused, and individualized education system now available. Through our courses, our products and our unwavering, unlimited support – we elevate each of our students to be the best that this industry has to offer.

When I signed up to do the 7 day classic lash and brow artistry course I had no idea just how much this course would change me and my business. I thought like so many other courses I’ve done it will be 7 days of learning and that’s it. Fame + Feisty couldn’t be further form this. The 7 days in the class were just the beginning. From here I’ve had an overwhelming amount of continued support with not only technical questions but support in growing my business. Keilah truly wants you to succeed and her continuing support enables you to push through your comfort zone to really grow beyond your dreams. After 18 years in the beauty industry this course has renewed my spark and given me new direction didn’t know was possible. I can not recommend Fame + Feisty enough! If you are considering lash and brow training this is definitely THE course to do.

Stefanie Millar